MAGPUL PRS Stock – AR10/SR25 (7.62x51) Model - OD GREEN

MAGPUL PRS Stock – AR10/SR25 (7.62x51) Model - OD GREEN
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  • Item #: PRSAR10ODG


  • Mounts to Rifle Receiver Extension tube without A2 Spacer (not included)
  • Enhanced strength butt-plate withstands severe impact and recoil up to .50 BMG
  • Machined aluminum adjustment knobs with positive locking click detents
  • Black phosphate coated solid steel adjustment shafts
  • Bottom Picatinny-type rail with removable cover for use with monopod
  • Sling Mounts
    • Front/Rear - 1.25" sling loop (left-right reversible)

Optional Accessories*

  • PRS Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.80"


  • PRS AR10/SR25 Stock
    • Weight, Stock: 1.68 lb.
    • Weight, w/ Rifle Receiver Extension: 1.90 lb.
    • Length, Stock: 10.45-11.45 in.
    • LOP Adjustment: ~39 Clicks (0.026 in. / click)
    • LOP Adjustment Range: 1.00 in.
    • LOP, Min: 14.3 in.
    • LOP, Max: 15.3 in.
    • Cheek Height Adjustment: ~29 Clicks (0.026 in. / click)
    • Cheek Height Adjustment Range: 0.75 in.

NOTE: The PRS is a direct replacement for an A1 or A2 fixed stock. Fitting to a Carbine will require a Rifle Receiver Extension tube, Rifle Buffer and Spring (not included).
The PRS AR10/SR25 stock may be used on AR15/M16 rifles to provide additional charging handle clearance. Stock is not compatible with Bushmaster BAR-10 and Rock River Arms LAR-8 due to charging handle to cheek riser interference issues.



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